Our Vision

Creator House Media believes that every company, no matter the size, should have the ability to share their story.

Our Purpose

We’re the Swiss Army Knife of content creators and marketers. We strengthen our client’s organizations by helping them share their stories with the world across diverse platforms. Our goal is to understand our clients objectives and communicate them via thought provoking, emotion evoking, and visually captivating video productions. We strive to provide an experience that makes our clients smile, and a finished product they love each and every time.

Our Roots

It all started with Venture Addicts, two friends traveling the US sharing their experiences through video. Two years into what we thought was a hobby, everything changed. We got a tip that Gary Vaynerchuk was doing a meetup in Houston for the Super Bowl. His personal videographer couldn’t make it and sent out a tweet for a Houston based replacement.

Despite countless efforts to be chosen, we never heard back. So we decided to go anyway.

We were the first ones to spot him, pounced at the opportunity, pulled out the camera, and told him we were the video guys chosen to grab footage. That night we stood face to face with one of marketing’s greatest.

After sending a fully edited video through twitter to his team, one of the worlds most well known chiropractors reached out to us to be his personal content team. Three days later we all quit our jobs, started Battle Born Media and never looked back.

Our Present and Future

We’ve come a long way over the years and even went through a rebranding. We’ve gone from making travel videos on GoPros (Battle Born Media) to working with professional athletes and brands worth over 40 billion dollars (Creator House Media).

Our Vision is absolute: Creator House Media believes that every company, no matter the size, should have the ability to share their story.

We have committed all of our resources toward building an organization that remains focused on carrying out our vision, our client’s vision, and the art of creative visual storytelling.

Our Values

Self aware.

We refuse to lose sight of who we are. We’re entrepreneurs, we’re authentic, we’re grateful, and we’re honest in the face of adversity.

Lead with empathy.

Empathy comes from a place of understanding. We listen before we speak and we travel the world to experience the world through others’ eyes.

Create a life not a job.

We stay busy, not for busy’s sake, but because it moves the company, our culture, and our clients forward.

Intentional above all else.

There’s no ego here. There is no single individual bigger than the organization. It’s not about winning or losing it’s about doing what’s best for the company and our clients. We solve problems quickly and deliberately with clean, clear, and concise communication.

Our Team

Our mission doesn’t end with the entrepreneurs and businesses that call on us for creative direction. We believe in empowering our creatives to travel, take in the world, and discover their life’s meaning. We challenge each other. We ask ourselves difficult questions. We ride or die for each other. We protect our culture. We’re just scratching the surface of the Creator House brand, and together, we’ll make our vision a reality.